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Who actually provided the answers? News or Chart?

The Bank of England on Thursday imposed back-to-back interest rate hikes for the first time since 2004 and began the process of quantitative tightening. (Extracted this from CNBC:

On an hourly chart, an IvH&S pattern was formed on 27 Jan (A Hammer with L/S in sight), at the time of the News release, price spike and reached the target (161.8%). Nice job, Bank of England!

Nasdaq futures drop as Facebook leads tech shares lower

CNBC: Futures tied to the Nasdaq 100 dropped about 2%, and S&P 500 futures slid 1%. Dow Jones Industrial Average futures fell 68 points, or 0.19%.

Sniper Club: Similar to GBP, a pattern was formed before the News, the only difference is, NQ has yet to reach it potential target of the pattern at the time of the news release.


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