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Recently, many traders feedback that they are unable to TRADE!

For a long period of time, we have been on USD500 margin. Until the day that ES & NQ keeps hitting limit move, broker start to adjust the margin higher.

When your account is too small, it’s very difficult to trade during volatile period as broking houses will increase the trading margin. But when your account gets to a decent size, then making good returns becomes much easier.

This is what was quoted on Ninjatrader's website:

"Due to the risk presented by significant market swings, exchange initial margins for CME products will be temporarily in effect for NinjaTrader Brokerage clients."


For traders who are gaining profit on a consistent basis, they do not have too much problem, but for traders who are still "struggling" or the new traders who just get into this game, they might not be able to participate during this most volatile but profitable period.

Snipers Club traders are very short term swing traders. Our extries and exits are normally within an hour. Some are less than 15 minutes, depend on the strategy they deployed.


Margin for NQ =

Used to be: USD500, 10 lots = USD5,000

Now: USD16,500, 10 lots = USD165,000

Entry time: 11:08pm, Exit time = 11:41pm (Time stamp on the trader's real trading account)

405 tics profit x 10 lots x US$5 per tic = US$20,250

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