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Time your Entry

Have you ever feel that the market just won’t go your way? No matter which market you’re trading or which timeframe you’re looking at, you and the market aren’t in the same “zone” for payouts…

A major mistake I see some traders make is not knowing when to get in the market. Many times, they don’t know how to couple those prime entry strategies with knowing when to hang your hat for a few hours and just stay out of the market.

The truth is, the market can be conquered by mastering the “zone mentality”; i.e., being able to differentiate the active zone versus the dead zone.

Since Dec 2019, I have prep the Snipers for a “change” since they have gathered enough trading hours on the basic skillsets.

I move them into looking at Higher Timeframe, and show them the “killing zone” !


If you have been following me all this while, you will notice that I emphasise a lot on Money Management. Your account will grow in lightning speed base on the right position size.

A trader must have:

#1 -- Guts to trade

#2 -- Money, your risk capital

#3 -- Skills in trading

Can you see from my Sniper's chart, there's nothing BUT Sniper't tool. You don't see trend-lines, you don't see oscillators, you don't see.... [basically I am telling you, if you follow this teaching, just follow 100%. You won't see my TOP traders chart with other people teaching or indicators!]

The above is a “YM” chart.

When the price reached the killing zone in the higher timeframe, he immediately pull out the right tool from the tool box and go into lower timeframe to execute the trade.

His entry is around 12:30am, Mar 27, SG time. His exit is at 1:32am, Mar 27, SG time. 1 hour job with that income. You might think, I want that too. But think again, are you as "pure" as a Sniper? Are you willing to sacrifice your time for the outcome?

During this difficult time, companies out there are talking about no pay leave, retrenchment.... are you ready for that?

Do you know that with US$50k per week(that is only talking about 1 contract), that will be US$200k per month, and USD2,400,000 a year. You can buy a small apartment in CASH.


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