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The power of good Money Management Skill

For those who have attended Sniper course, you would have noticed that I have emphasize a lot about Money Management using Fibonacci retracement technique.

Fibonacci retracement offers one of the best risk & reward from entries to exits.

Wait for the setup that matches your trade plan

Snipers are trading with some rigid rules built into their trading plan. Although the trading strategy is rigid, but within that rigid structure there are some flexibility such as how much you risk, how you enter, where you place your stop loss.

The goal as a Sniper trader is to trade patiently, wait for the prey to enter the killing zone. You are not going to go after “every” target or the prey that looks strong and difficult to “kill”. Instead, you want to improve your odds of success by saving your “ammo” (trading capital) for the weaker / easier to get prey / trades. You only have so much money to risk just like a sniper only has so many bullets and a crocodile only has so much energy. Use it wisely or you’ll run out / blow out your account.

6E H1 chart

6E - Euro Futures, prices has drop to a major support zone, that is where Snipers get ready to pull out the 倚天剑 (aka Fibonacci retracement).

From entry to the first exit point, it took 2 days. I am taking an example of 25 lots on position sizing, scale out 20 lots at the first exit point. The risk left on the table has significantly reduced now. Traders should feel good once market pay them their first pot of gold and continue to look out for other good trade opportunities from other markets.

One of the hard truths of trading is that there simply are not a large amount of high-probability price events in the market each day, week, month or year.

And, obviously, there is some learning and skill required to know what constitutes the “best” and “obvious trade setups”, you aren’t going to just wake up one morning and magically know what to look for. With the help of our trading courses, you will begin to learn what a “high-quality” price action event looks like and you’ll learn to filter out the lower-quality ones from them.

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