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Practice ONE Strategy many times

Professional athletes and professional traders have 2 things in common:

#1 -- practice of the processes and concepts that will bring them closer to their goal.

#2 -- Discipline and focus on the task until total mastery of the skill.

Lesson for this month -- River (SkyLand) Waves

SkyLand == Use it to determine direction of the market (in any time-frame)

Entries == Waves with Season Candlesticks signal

Money Management -- Position sizing remain constant throughout (in this chart example, I will be using 3 standard lots)

Crude Oil chart on Jan 3, 2019

The above chart is an example trading in Asia trading zone.

As you can see from the chart, price is trading below "Yellow River", a trader need to do now is to look for short signals at Waves.

This second chart is in Europe trading zone.

The price starts to reverse the Asia down-trend. When price starts to trade above "Yellow River", traders can start to look out for buy opportunities at Waves.

The best traders have practiced one core trading strategy thousands of times. It takes time for any trading strategy to be learned and mastered and then more time to see it played out over a series of trades.

The way to master one particular strategy lies simply in the focus and discipline. You need to learn everything about it so that you reach the point of being able to open up your charts and instantly recognizing whether is that a setup for you to trade.

Master that ONE STRATEGY well, my dear traders :)

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