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Trading a Sideway Market

Today's day class revision is on trading with SkyLand on an hourly chart using SiMSCI (since most of the traders and Tom are SiMSCI's Fan)

The data are from August 2018.

Trading Plan base on SkyLand

First 5 trading days, 4 trading opportunities at Land & River. Basically, SkyLand application is very similar to Emolines or Waves.

Trading results for the fist 5 days ==> Positive ==> S$2,460. Every trade is using 3 standard lots.

Trading Plan using SkyLand

Second batch of 5 trading days. 7 trades with 2 failed trades at Sky.

Result ==> Positve ==> S$1,350.

Trading Plan using SkyLand

Third batch of 5 trading days. 3 trades.

Result ==> Postive ==> S$1,710

Trading Plan using SkyLand

Forth batch, 5 trades, with 1 failed.

Result ==> Positive ==> S$990

Trading Plan using SkyLand

Last batch, 2 trades.

Result ==> Positve ==> S$690

For the month of August 2018, using just SkyLand with 3 standard lots, we gain a total of S$7,200

If you are more advance, you can also paired SkyLand with Fibonacci.

Fib with SkyLand

The 3 circled signals are nicely sitting at Fibonacci level as well as Sky & Land.

I was also telling one of the day trader in class whom only like to "buy", try to look out for candlestick signal when it touches "Land". Be extra careful when prices has reached "Sky" if you have not exited your long position. [Buy at Land, Sell at Sky]

When prices are crossing the "River", act according to buy/sell signal base on the sample theory as Emolines or Waves.

I think this is a pretty straight forward methodology on how to use SkyLand.

Happy trading :)

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