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Is your trading plan good enough?

Trading is best kept simple and focused - that is the way to win. The most successful traders will tell you that they use only a small number of strategies, applying them time after time. A common mistake of losing traders, however, is to overly complicate what they do, using many different strategies at one time, or leading a never-ending search for new strategies.

Moving averages

[aka Waves or Emolines in TYJG Trading community]

Moving averages are versatile, objective and can be used in many different ways. But just how can we make money from them?

We are on the hunt for moving averages which are behaving as “dynamic” levels resistance or support. What does this mean? Similarly to the manner in which horizontal levels of support and resistance can behave as floors and ceilings in preventing price from continuing its upward or downward march, the moving average can behave in exactly the same way! We simply call such moving averages as “dynamic levels of resistance and support” because they are moving in tandem with the market, whereas horizontal levels remain static.

CL on BBT waves

[3 trades = USD800 or SGD1,088]

On Friday night, during U.S. trading zone, we have 3 trade opportunities following the trend direction (from 9:30pm to 11:30pm). We have a pair of "Charlie & Angel" traders whom are currently task to use this strategy every evening to trade crude oil, I hope they can see from their own trade records that to take their last drawn salary or more from the market is not difficult at all (provided they can follow "JG's STRICT trading rules" & able to control their emotion).

Fibonacci trading

During the Sniper training program, we introduced the JG's way of trading Fibonacci retracement and how the methodology is an excellent trading strategy for serious traders. But knowing the theory is one thing. Being able to apply it in trading conditions is something entirely different. Not forgetting, there are some 假厉害 traders, didn't even get the basic right, start tweaking the rules.

This week crude oil inventory released day, I have 2 consistent Fibonacci traders making their "well deserved" bonus trades on the day.

Trader A went to Hourly chart to hunt for a trade since it has reached a major resistance zone (we call this zone 423 Effect). With 5 lots on 391 tics per lot, that is USD19,550 or S$26,588.

CL 423 Effect

In order to prevent my traders from getting "disturbed" by all the P.M. (private message), I have hide their identity and replace their FB picture with anime.

Trader B, also doing the 423 Effect, but on a lower time frame. With 10 lots, he bring home USD3,500 or S$4,760 for this one trade.

423 Effect

Another opportunity came! A setup which we named NX382. This is also a full size trade setup (Trade money management). Fire another 10 lots and bring home another USD2,100 or S$2,856


To be successful, you must know what is really "IMPORTANT"!

Have a nice weekend and have a great week ahead.

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