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Are you a FIT trader?

If you want to survive as a trader, you’ve got to do many things right, consistently right. The weak-minded and those with an inability to stay dedicated, disciplined, consistent and motivated, simply do not make it. They lose. You don’t want to be them.

Snipers has created their trade plan. They are suppose to stay dedicated, disciplined, consistent and motivated, and stick to their trade plan.

I would like to share with you what happen during yesterday evening in Sniper Club. How we work together as a team so that everyone stay on guard [I thought this is the basic, because we are traders, every single trade we take involve money, whether win or lose]. My team leaders are under great pressure, but I think this is "healthy". In order to identify member's "problems", their mind have to be very "clear". By helping their members, their skills are sharpened even more. This is needed as a professional trader. I am glad that team members are also helping each other as well. This is the environment that I believe most traders would love to have.

Trader CC, by far has been very consistent with her trades everyday. Religiously following her trade plan, execute her trades according to her plan.

In a single trading session, if you do not have a "concrete trade plan", it is difficult for you to trade 2 or more markets at the same time. Don't you agree?

Following trade plan

You must learn from mistakes and from screen time. If you cannot use your mistakes to your advantage, to evolve, you’re not going to make it as a trader. So, don’t let mistakes get you down, look at each mistake as a chance to learn something and to improve.

The worst thing in trading is making money when you make mistake. Traders will be "highlighted" when such thing happened. No one in the sniper club will say: you are "lucky" and just let the incident slip through [at least with me around to act as auditor]. We need you to do things right from the start, so that you have a smooth journey ahead.

Trader BC has posted a winning trade with wrong signal profit target (not a big mistake, but it must be rectify due to risk/reward). It was pointed out by fellow traders, and team leader has also rectify the problem. I am grateful that they have taken their initiative to help their own members.

Minor mistake

In the following case, Trader CG did not follow her trade plan. This is also unacceptable. Don't you think so? I have heard so many "reasons" for not "executing" the trade plan. It's time for you to perform some self analysis on your trading behavior.

Not following trade plan

If you don’t continuously learn, adapt and improve, you will not survive the trading game. Trading truly is survival of the fittest. Fit trader truly love trading, this will influence you to trade in such a way that brings you more profits than losses.

Profit & Loss never lie. 4 weeks has passed. Sniper's performance using standard 2 and 3 lots (depend on trading strategy) are growing steadily with their "trade plan".

Snipers performance board for 4 weeks

When will we stop this game? When someone reached USD33,000. Why USD33,000? To buy a brand new car (Jeep) in U.K.


Why this car? Not important at all, the most important point here is to have a simple goal, and to work towards that goal.

Assuming the first trader who has reached USD11,000 for the first month, she just need 3 months to achieve the target of USD33,000. During my last Sniper conversion course, I did a survey, how many traders are earning more than SGD 10,000 in their current day job every month? Not many.

So, I think to get extra bonus from the trading world is achievable if "U" stick to your trade plan! Don't you think so?

Have a nice weekend :)

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