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Master that ONE strategy

Do you have too many strategies on hand? Have you ever focus on ONE to become a Master of It?

To get good at anything, you must focus on that and only that. Whether it’s learning to paint, playing a sport or ANYTHING – you will never get good at it by having scattered and broken focus. Similarly, focusing on one thing helps you get good at it faster, obvious, right? But most traders overlook this fact in their quest for fast-money. Focus on ONE setup will help you to make money faster than if you try learning 20 different trade signals and strategies all at once, it sounds obvious, but it seems to be human nature to try and do and learn too much at once, resulting in exhaustion and giving up. Rather than really committing to one thing and OWNING IT.

Sniper Club members are trained to stay "FOCUS"!

One of our best trade setup for this evening is "HM" happening at the right spot (NX382). Profit came within 30 mins.

Taking the trade with size need faith & confident in that strategy. A 8 tics profit target, if your position sizing is only 2 lots compared to a confident trader who can fire 10 lots, the end result will be different. [US$200 on 2 lots vs US$1,000 on 10 lots]

NX382 setup

If you would like to turn your trading around or start on the right path, you really need to narrow your focus.

Is market moving sideways a "torture" to you?

Nikkei 225

If you are following my recent blog on Nikkei 225, you will know that the current focus is to short the market until the price break Apr 10 High. Do we just short anywhere? Of course NOT. Since the tool used is Fibonacci, we will only ACT when the price move into the "killing zone", only then, traders can start to fire their "enemies".

Nikkei 225

The killing zone is between 850 to 890. Identify signals at levels, with the right position sizing, side-way market can actually help you to collect some handsome profit too.

The chart below show you that the price came back to "killing zone" twice last Friday (13 Apr).

sell cluster zone

The chart below is from this morning, the price came back to "killing zone" again (17 Apr).

Nikkei 225

If you are not "focus", you'll not benefit from it.

It's not about the contract, it's YOU!

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