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Bitcoin fever is burning!

This few days, you'll notice that most News platform are talking about Bitcoin price surge. While waiting for the Bitcoin Futures to launch soon, I have went into CFD to take a look on the chart, whether does it performed in the T.A. manner that suit my 'swing traders" & myself, because the Bitcoin Futures is schedule to launch in December 2017. My snipers are eagerly waiting to take advantage from the current volatility.

On Dec 8, I have tried it for the first time, when the news was so hot. Bitcoin hit 17,000!


As a Fibonacci trader, I will definitely plant in my Fibonacci retracement lines. Wait for price to retrace to the sell cluster, do a limit sell. Collect my profit when it reached all the different support levels.

On the same day, within an hour, the very first target reached.


News came out when price reached my target profit level. "Bitcoin plunges 15% in wild trading!"

It become a fun thing when you join in the mass crazy ACT. Knowing that you can take profit whether long or short on the bitcoin, yet investors and men on the street can only Buy! (sorry.. I know this is crazy :P)

Bitcoin drop 15%

What happen over the weekend? Do you know this market is trading 24-7... hahaha...

It did a double bottom at 261%, with Hammer and reverse.


Today's Business Time headline -- Bitcoin ATM machines crash as price of cryptocurrency soars

Can't wait for the Futures to launch...

Happy Wednesday :)

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