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Income from intraday trading

JG Sniper Club is a club that trains intraday traders. People in this club are trained to take swing trades in the trend direction or fading the trend. No one in my team are trained to ride to eternity because this is never my belief. As we are all intraday traders, we want to have a good night sleep when we close our computer, we want to enjoy some leisure time and not sitting in front of our computer the whole time (although I am guilty of sitting in front of my computer for long hours as I am trading different markets and they all have different opening hours.) The best day for me should be Tuesday & Thursday as I do not need to report work, and I can actually trade the Asia opening, then go for brunch and relax till Europe open.

The next window is U.S opening, as for my traders in the club, they need to work in the day and only look at the market in the evening, this is the time where it is the overlapping between Europe and U.S. trading hours. I wouldn’t suggest that they trade long hours as I believe their day job must have zap up most of their energy. So, our night trading hour start from 7pm and end at 10pm on Wednesday & Thursday, but on their own, if they can stretch a little bit to 11pm, it will be good as CL is more active after 9:30pm.

Last week of the month in October, I have started the class with a simulation trading game, using the indicators that I paired for the class to trade. The size plan that I have set for them was at an entry level where most traders can afford. During the first day of the game, the market was a good trending market, the class did well that evening. After the game, I actually expect traders to "think" about this game and how does the simulation trading result affect their future "live trading account".

The winner during that 3 hours, with the highest gross income will get S$50 cash.

On the second week, I change one of my key sentence in the trading rules to: "show me your gross earnings, as well as your nett earnings." This has created some impact on traders performance for the second game. I have also purposely time it such that market is likely to be in a "normal" and not trending condition.

What I want traders to achieve: they must be able to react to different market condition, trade what the market showed them, and not trading with the past results (Trade what you see and not what you think!)

** An image for the second trading game.

Results from our traders for the second game was also impressive, the traders that head the first and second place gain gross and nett income above $1,000 from the slow and normal moving market with just 3 standard lots on every trade entries. The prize for this second game was a Starbucks card for gross income winner, and S$50 cash for nett income winner.

This week, the top winner win both the SB card as well as the cash prize. Congratulations.

Friday, a day where most traders are waiting for -- U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls

Nonfarm Payrolls measures the change in the number of people employed during the previous month, excluding the farming industry. Job creation is the foremost indicator of consumer spending, which accounts for the majority of economic activity.

Do we (sniper traders) care whether the result is good or bad? We have no time for that. As usual, a quiet moving market before 8:30pm. Base on normal trading condition, with only 3 lots for each trade, before the data release, you can already pocket some beautiful profits.

Market before NFP

** Chart before 8:30pm NFP

Nov 3 NFP release

** Chart after NFP and before U.S. opening

After the NFP spike up, snipers should be ready for action once market start to stabilise.

When U.S. market open, 6E still trending smoothly down, with 3 standard lots size till 11pm, you should be very happy with your trading account.

U.S. trading hour

I am happy to see posting from my "guai guai" sniper trainee doing her part :)

As well as our winner posting his "real trades".


Are you ready for your new trading week?

Have a nice weekend and have a pleasant trading journey ahead.

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