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Trading Habit

On the first day of July 2017, I have shown you the trade results for Nikkei 225 using just a few simple JG's indicators.

After that post, I have been updating the trading results using the same JG's tools. Instead of doing back testing that most traders like. I prefer forward testing. I am like a R&D person who like to develop strategies that can help to further enhance trading success. Through years of trading and looking at markets, and by testing it for months before rolling it out to fellow traders, I am CONFIDENT about the simple tools that I have developed so far.

A week has passed and here come the month-end. What is your trading outcome for this week?

Nikkei on Monday 24 Jul

Monday, before making any trading decision, checked the closed for last Friday, where are the price at closed. The price is below Land, and it is also at PAPLine-S3 on Friday.

When price is below Land, and resisted by it, the action plan is to Short (but short cautiously! As an R&D person who has created PAPLines to track and trap the market, when price traded beyond the PAPLines, the tendency of market reversal is very common)

The first signal was to short since it was rejected by Land. It then traded to S2 and formed a pattern. Price reverse and traded up to the Sky, another reversal signal formed. [What a beautiful Monday.... No Monday blues at all]

Day 1 -- 3 trades -- 2 SkyLand trades & 1 Chart Pattern.

Closed positive @ ~$6,490

(295 tics gain; 1 tic of Nikkei = JPY2,500; 295tics = JPY 737,500)

Tuesday, price traded to Sky with a short signal. One and only trade.

Nikkei on Tue 25 Jul

Day 2 -- 1 trade.

Closed positive @ ~$792

(36 tics gain; 1 tic of Nikkei = JPY2,500; 36tics = JPY 90,000)

Wednesday, price traded above Sky and it is also above Tuesday R3. Focus is to short. First attempt Failed. Follow by positive on the second attempt.

Nikkei on Wed 26 Jul

Day 3 -- 2 trades at Sky, 1 positive and 1 negative.

Position managed to closed positive @ ~$132

(6 tics gain; 1 tic of Nikkei = JPY2,500; 6tics = JPY 15,000)

Thusday, price open at Wednesday S3, unfortunately, season color doesn't allow a trade entry. Price did not touched Land. Trade opportunity only came at around 1pm. The first trade at Sky failed. The second signal was a good one. It is at R3 as well as Sky. On the same day, A SLBW was formed and the trade (entries as well as exits) was done during T+1 session.

Nikkei on Thu 27 Jul

Day 4 -- 2 trades on Sky and 1 on SLBW.

Day closed Positive @ ~$17,996

(818 tics gain; 1 tic of Nikkei = JPY2,500; 818tics = JPY 2,045,000)

Friday, price open at Land, but without PAPLines. No action until 12:15pm. Price landed below S1 but supported by Land.

Nikkei on Fri 28 Jul

Day 5 -- 2 trades, 1 positive and 1 negative.

Position managed to closed positive @ ~$132

(6 tics gain; 1 tic of Nikkei = JPY2,500; 6tics = JPY 15,000)

Out of 5 trading days, there were 9 SkyLand trade opportunities, 1 chart pattern & 1 SLBW trade.

Account closed POSITIVE for the week.

The same tool and money management was used throughout the month of June & July as trading tutorial. The objective of this tutorial is meant for traders who prefer simple trading methodology.

Have a nice weekend.

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