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I have attended a talk yesterday evening, and the person shared on how to achieve the results and goals that you have always wanted.

He repeated more than 6 times on: You must maintain CONSISTENCY in your practice, through consistently repeating what you do, it will become your habit. (So beware, if you keep repeating your bad habits in trading, this will follow you and haunt you throughout your whole trading journey).

He also said something that captured my attention.

[Have "I" passed you the tools to practice to achieve the end results? "I" did!]

[What about you? Have you really accepted these tools that I passed over to you? There are instructions on how to use the tools, did you follow the instructions diligently?]

My last blog on July 1 laid out a series of paring indicators. The market is consistently producing opportunities for all my series of indicators. Is your mind "crystal clear" on when to use what weapons?

We will be conducting the Commodities Futures Trading with TA soon, some of the day class traders have expressed interest in joining the class. My immediate question to them is: How does my course compliment your current trading style? Has anyone thought about this?

I told them: You are riding on a trend, you must know where are the snipers. By knowing where the snipers hiding place are, you might have collected your profits rather than seeing your profits evaporate.

Does a Sniper always take small profits? Not always. When there are opportunities arising like "SLBW 神龙摆尾", that is the time that Snipers go for slightly longer rides.

Let's pull out JG Tool Box again for this week's Nikkei 225.

Do you still remember how I pair my indicators? If not, you can refer to my last blog:

Nikkei 225 Jul 17 & 18

17th July (Mon) is a Japanese Holiday, expect the market to have less activities. Nevertheless, price has traded to Land as well as PAPLine, it formed a HM buy signal. Can you remember the position size used for this setup? [SkyLand with PAPLines ==> 6 lots]

Only one opportunity on Monday, based on 6 lots, you have gained ~$1,056 for the day.

Next day, 18th Jul, price traded to Land with a HM. 6 lots profited ~$660. At the same time, a "SLBW 神龙摆尾" formed. Position size for SLBW = 25 lots, after clearing the first hurdle with 20 lots profit, $3,080, an unfortunate event happened, snipers lost in the fight with a small lose of (~$660) on the balance 5 lots.

Thereafter, another opportunity came again at Land, this time, market throw in pattern - Double Bottom. [Position size: 25 lots]. Profited at day closed and gain $~$6,600. Total gain from HM at land as well as Pattern are $7,392.

Day 1 & 2 account close positive @ ~$11,528 (524 tics gain; 1 tic of Nikkei = JPY2,500; 524tics = JPY 1,310,000)

Nikkei 225 19th Jul

Day 3, 19th Aug -- An opportunity at PAPLine paired Pattern (Not covered in my last blog.) Since this setup is not part of the plan, stay out.

20th Jul -- BOJ Announcement

This is a special day -- BOJ announcement in code RED! Trade only after the data (data/event trading is covered in sniper course)

A SLBW setup after BOJ annoucement. A positive gain of ~$6,600 (300 tics gain). It end the day with an open buy order from Land.

Day 1, 2, 4 account close positive @ ~$18,128 (824 tics gain; 1 tic of Nikkei = JPY2,500; 824 tics = JPY 2,060,000)

21st Jul Friday

After collecting Thursday open order's profit ~$1,320, nothing for the day.

Out of 5 trading days, there were 2 SLBW trades, 1 Pattern trade and 4 Land trades.

Account closed for the week with positive @ ~ $19,448 (884 tics gain; 1 tic of Nikkei = JPY2,500; 824tics = JPY 2,210,000)

Cultivate a good habit by having patience to wait for a proper trade setup. Your future is in your hand.

Have a nice weekend.

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