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There will be time that there is NOTHING on the chart!

What is "Nothing on the Chart"? This is applied to Fibonacci. Some traders may find this tool super powerful when you start to learn about it. Therefore, you try your best to fit this onto your chart at any point of the time. The purpose? To give you a valid reason to get into the market.

It is a common problem that I face throughout the years of teaching this. Once you are introduce to this tool, your intelligent mind will take over and start your own program on how to use this tool through your own intelligent mind instead of following JG Sniper Club's 101 rules.

The truth is: There will be time that there are no Fibonacci pull. You just have to wait for it to appear and not hunting high and low, searching for the O% and 100% connecting point!

To me, such a powerful and beautiful tool was ruined by the undesirable users.

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