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How much can you gain from a 46 tics range?

I always like to tell my traders, to survive as a true trader, your position sizing is the most important.

If you are not consistent in your way of approaching the market, then you'll not be able to maximize your capital when the highest probability trades arises.

6E on a 46 tics range

From this chart, Snipers should be able to see price has come to an exhaustion level (Sky & PAPLines). What else can you see? Can you see a Pattern?

Position Sizing

Snipers are also trained to pay special attention to certain JG-Fib levels (Not all levels are having the same weightage).

Important Fib Levels

Is it easy to handle JG-Fib levels, not so straight forward though but it does gave you a direction bias. As a sniper, you need to accumulate enough time and experience, and to go through enough live trades to let this sink into you.

To all my snipers, have a wonderful time trading with SkyLand & JG-FIB.

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