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Getting better and better

As a intraday swing trader myself, all my R&D indicators are base on catching the price exhaustion levels.

My new creation, the SkyLand, are base on the same theory.

I am wired this way from the first day I learnt to trade. This type of trading style requires you to have good position sizing. Basic candlestick knowledge is the minimum requirement.

S.L.B.W. and Patterns recognition are plus point.


I am using April 2017 Nikkei 225 as examples for using SkyLand.

What is the end result for the month of April 2017?

Outcome for April 2017

Base on just 3 lots, the result is ~$10,000. Like I said from the beginning, position sizing is the "key" to this trading style. If your size are up 10 to 20 lots per trade, you can see your account grow significantly and yet you are still doing the same thing as you did when you are a small position size trader.

Some traders thought they can get some from this trainer, blend some from another trainer. What is the outcome? Take a good look at your account every month.

It's time for you to wake up.

What is your initial goal when you come in as a trader?

I would like to borrow this again from Tom's Facebook posting. Are you determined enough to change for the better of your trading account and your life?

Are you determined enough?

What are you going to sacrifice to achieve success in trading?

When I post this question to one trader, his answer was: I sacrifice my time (quit his job) and energy (staying in front of computer for long hours) in trading, but I still never achieve the result I wanted.

JG: Did you "sacrifice" your trading ego? Did you "sacrifice" your desire to be right? Did you "sacrifice" violating rules?

Trader A: ... ...

Did you "sacrifice" the right thing?

Everything we taught in class are meant to help you to achieve success. Every tweak we did for you is also to help me & you to achieve the next greater success. What have you done for yourself?

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