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CL hit the Roof Top & Fall

On 11 Apr, 2017, I have sent out signals to Snipers that CL has hit a major resistance level. Keep an eye on how the price react at this level.

hit the roof

On the same morning, opportunities started on lower time-frame.

A Head & Shoulder Pattern formed.


Apr 14, hourly Head & Shoulder also formed. The only focus now is very obvious. With that said, I still have to warned snipers on the other possibility as well. But, we have tools to take care of the "what if" scenario.

Hourly Head & Shoulder

Apr 19, Crude oil inventory night, price is still hoovering around the right shoulder, after data release, 317 tics profit target reached around Apr 20, 3am (Singapore time).

H&S target reached

Snipers, time for reflection.

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