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Nikkei 225 hit Resistance

Almost always... when there is a [big thing] happening on my day to day live, market will be at a level where it is so nice to me...

I am so blessed and I am grateful ...

Let's do a recap on Nikkei 225 using H1 for this week.

On Monday, market gap up, touches 19,450 which is my favorite level. [This is the first time market touching this level].

It formed an IB, and later taken out by W&R Double TOP UDD. [I am sooooo..... happy.... I can hear TY said: 变态]

Tuesday, market is so nice, I can still park limit order at trigger price & 50% of UDD.

Wednesday, price are back to 19,450.... so nice ..... but this is the second attempt... I don't want to be so aggressive like the first time.

Forth day, nothing on opening, so just wait.

Candles forming from 11am to 2pm, telling me, market is likely not going to trade up... I can focus on selling small position. Short on 138 signal.

Fifth day, price keep rejecting at 19,220 instead of using it as support. Look out for short opportunities.

Second opportunity came on the same day when price reached 19,055.

This time, price is supported. A HM formed and market traded up to profit and closed.

Nikkei 225 H1

What's next? I will still use this as a guide for support or resistance.

What are those lines? They are of course the 屠龙刀.... hahaha.... enjoy this morning novel.

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