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Futures Trading using TY-JG Indicators

6E Euro Futures

This is 6E (Euro Futures) during Asia trading hours.

Chart above is a naked chart without any indicators. Chart below is with 4 Seasons.

6E with 4 Seasons

What's the rule for 4 seasons? I have covered this yesterday, hope you still remember.

Answer: Buy Hot & Sell Cold.

Can you see small triangles on those hot & cold candlesticks?

6E with 4 Seasons & Emolines

Next, let's put in Emolines.

With the Emolines, we can see very clearly that Seasons are hot, Emolines are Bullish, therefore, it's obvious that we need to look out for Bullish buy signals. When Emolines eventually flip down, you then start to look out for short signals.

With the help of Emolines, now we have established our entries, but how can we know whether the market has reached exhaustion? Knowing very well that market cannot just run one way without resting.

Throw in the PAPLines! Traders can use this lines to take profit, at the same time, you can use it to reverse your trades.

6E with 4 Seasons, Emolines & PAPLines

In spot FX, you count as pip, in Futures, we count as tic. So from the first Summer Signal [Hammer], we bought at 1.0735 and our first target profit area which is PAPLine-R1 @ 1.0754. In this case, we gain 19 tics. [per tic for 6E = USD12.50]

What else can you see at PAPLine-R2? Can you remember? Does it look familiar?

When price reached Resistance level, a chart pattern is likely to form.

6E Double Top at PAPLine-R2

Have a simple trading plan so that you can execute your trades without too much analysis.

Different contract, same way of trading.

Hope this tutorial help you with your planning.

Have a good year ahead.

See you next time :)

** Charting software ==> Ninjatrader

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