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How do you make good use of TY-JG indicators?

2017 has just started, let me give you a helping hand with our basket of indicators (TYSA & PAPLines).

A Plain chart on CL (Crude Oil)

The above is a naked chart with just candlesticks.

Let me add in the 4 Seasons which you can find in TYSA subscription.

What's the rule for 4 seasons?

Answer: Buy Hot & Sell Cold.

Can you see those small triangles on those hot & cold candlesticks?

4 Seasons with Emolines

Is this enough for you?

Let us add in Emolines which can now show you the trend direction.

With the Emolines, we can see very clearly that Seasons are hot, Emolines are Bullish, therefore, it's obvious that we need to look out for Bullish buy signals. When Emolines eventually flip down, you then start to look out for short signals.

With the help of Emolines, now we have established where to enter our trades, but how can we know whether the market has reached exhaustion? Knowing very well that market cannot just run one way without resting.

Throw in the PAPLines! Traders can use this lines to take profit, at the same time, you can use it to reverse your trades.

Seasons, Emolines & PAPLines

Beisde 4 Seasons, Emolines & PAPLines, we can also add in COP5/BBT*.

This "COP" will informed us whether the current players in the market are more towards bullish or they are on the bearish camp.

Seasons, Emolines, PAPLines & COP5

What else are PAPLines good for? Are you good at identify chart patterns? But sometimes you wonder, hmm... why most of the time, pattern failed me? or you can only "see" it when the pattern has already played out.

To minimize this from happening, only look out for Patterns forming at PAPLines. With PAPLines, the visual effect is so much better.

In the following example, we have 2 double top pattern formed at Resistant 1 & 2 levels. Combine PAPLines with 4 Seasons, autumn signal at PAPLines are also telling you that market is exhausted.

Patterns happened at PAPLines

Hope this tutorial help you with your planning.

Have a good year ahead.

See you next time :)

** Charting software ==> Ninjatrader

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