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Opportunity came knocking at your door, did you open your door?

When we got to know that President-elect Donald Trump press conference is scheduled on 12am Singapore time today, our traders are on stand-by mode to trade on this event.

Almost always, before the actual event, price has reached it's support or resistance level, waiting for trader's to take the necessary action.

Today, 6E (EURO Futures) has traveled a long way down to touch our HTF support zone @ 1.0489, it then formed a hammer before Donald Trump speech. HM was triggered when he started his speech and reached it's profit target (30 tics) within 20 minutes.

The sniper traders are waiting for this opportunity and make some good money out from this special event by President-elect Donald Trump press conference.

I am so glad they did.

12 Jan 2017 President-elect Donald Trump press conference

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