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Knowing when to use this weapon (Fibonacci retracement)

Tom has created a beautiful name for my latest Fibonacci retracement. He called it 神龙摆尾

[This is a special martial art skill from an old Hong Kong novel.]

As mentioned in my earlier Fibonacci posting, it served as a good support and resistance to make a trade decision.

Yesterday night was all about OPEC meeting, CL was so volatile. Our traders managed to capture one during 8:45pm last night.

This trade only took them 10 mins from entry to profit. USD840 into their pocket for single lot, single trade.

Well done, my snipers :D

This morning, I have another lady sniper that captured a 神龙摆尾 Fibonacci from 6A (AUDUSD)

6A AUDUSD Fibonacci

Hope market can throw to us more of this 神龙摆尾 Fibonacci opportunities this December...

Happy trading :D

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