Trading Plan (Trend trading)

A popular trading expression is "the trend is your friend."

I will be using this week Nikkei 225 as an example to illustrate how you can use hourly chart to guide your intra-day trade plan.

Trade plan: If the higher time-frame is moving in an uptrend, for intra-day trading, you simply need to be looking out for buying opportunities. This does not mean that all your trades will be winners. A strategy wins most and has a minimal trade draw-downs should be consider a good strategy.

Hourly PPTA trend analysis from Monday(17 Oct) to Friday(21 Oct) is ==> Sideway to Bullish mode.

On Monday (17 Oct), hourly PPTA indicate market is still in side-way mode (pink inside purple).

What about lower time-frame where we use it to time our entries and exits?

17th Oct 2016 (Mon)

Lower time-frame is still in bullish mode.

PPTA ==> Bullish mode;

Plan ==> PPTA, COP5 as entries, PAPLines as exits.

On Tuesday, lower time-frame PPTA is trading from side-way to bullish mode, but hourly PPTA already indicate bullish mode. Plan ==> PPTA, COP5 as entries, PAPLines as exits.

On the 3rd trading, both hourly & lower time-frame PPTA are still in bullish mode. Trading plan remain unchanged. Plan ==> PPTA, COP5 as entries, PAPLines as exits.

On the 4th trading day, Nikkei turn into a super bull (an unusual day). Both hourly & lower time-frame PPTA are in bullish mode.

Plan ==> PPTA, COP5 as entries, PAPLines as exits. Price break intra-day highest resistance level and staying above to close. It has also traded to a critical Fibonacci resistance level.

On the last trading day of the week, hourly and lower time-frame PPTA are still in bullish mode.

Price traded sideway (COP5) for awhile before it plunge down to intra-day support (PAPLine-S3) and formed a supporting signal "Hammer".

Plan ==> PPTA, COP5 as entries, PAPLines as exits; Support PAPLines as entry & exit.

Beside having a entry & exit plan, risk management is also an important area that traders need to work on.

Happy trading.

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