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Nikkei 225 -- Sign of Fear appear on 12 Sep (Monday)

On an hourly chart, Nikkei 225 gap down on Monday, at the same time, PPTA are also into bearish mode.

Nikkei 225 H1

With this information, let's move on to smaller time-frame chart for intra-day play.

Look out for sell opportunities on PPTA as well as 138. By 9:50am, price has drop to PAPLine-S1. It has also offer 3 sell opportunities at 138.

Nikkei 225 on 12 Sep part 1

From open to close during T-session, total tics gain for Monday ==> 56 tics.

Nikkei 225 12 Sep part 2

For the whole of this week, H1 & intra-day PPTA are in bearish mode.

This few other charts are intra-day charts using PPTA, 138 as well as PAPLines for trades decision.

Nikkei 225 on 13 Sep

Nikkei 225 on 14 Sep

Nikkei 225 on Sep 15

Combining PPTA with PAPLines, it will help to enhance your trading results.

Happy trading :D

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