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Recap on Nikkei 225 for this week (23rd to 27th May 2016)

I will be using the emotion lines to look at Nikkei 225 performance this week and how you can use this information to plan your trade if you like this colorful rainbow moving averages :)

Candles Rules when using emotion lines:

Sell spring & winter candlesticks signals

Buy summer & autumn candlesticks signals

Candles rules when using PAPLines (Resistance)

==> Sell autumn

Candles rules when using PAPLines (Support)

==> Buy spring

On Monday, 23rd May ==> Nikkei from Fear mode to Greed mode.

Monday, 23 May 2016, NK225

Tuesday open with Fear mode to Greed mode as well.

Tuesday, 24 May, NK225

Wednesday, 25th May, Nikkei supported by PAPLine-S2, stay in greedy mode to close.

Wednesday, 25th May, NK225

Thursday, 26th May, price start to change from 2 days of greedy mode to fear mode.

May 26th, Thursday, NK225

Last day of the week, Friday 27th May, Market decide to take a rest.

Friday, May 27, NK225

Hope this give you a view of how you can utilize this emotion lines to plan your trades next week.

Happy weekend :)

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