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Stay Focus & Snipe the Trade

I have attended a 8-1/2 days meditation class 3 weeks ago.

Throughout the 8-1/2 days, we practice MGI (standing meditation) 7 times (30 minutes per session) daily for 6 days. I would say, this practice is really physical straining the participant's mind & body (your endurance and perseverance). It is very "tough" for new practitioners, but each time, we persevere, and we can feel that our body and mind are getting more focus at each MGI practice when days get by. During the last day, we only get 2 MGI practice, we felt like as though something is missing and incomplete 😅.

At the last day of the meditation program, trainers encourage us to join the group practice every week so that our 8-1/2 days won't go to waste.

I start to practice at home, the feeling is so different from practicing at the meditation center. I have problem concentrate and visualization is not great. So, decided to join the group practice to see if I can get back the "feel" and it really does.

Since my "trading class" for this week change to Thursday & Friday evening, I decided to go for group practice again this week. I can feel that my practice is much better than I was during the 8-1/2 days. Practice make perfect. I'll continue with the weekly group practice.

This same theory actually applies to trading too.

After the trading course, if one doesn't join the group for live practice, the experience will be very different.

Tom has the wisdom to create this live trading group. He knows that trading needs hands on, not just on paper, and therefore, 7 years ago, he created this live trading group for aspiring traders to have a place to continue with the practice.

Meditation is to stay focus, so does trading. If your mind and charts are in a mess, it's time to do some cleaning. De-clutter all the unnecessary indicators, keep it simple in order to focus and achieve your goal.

[We have 4 trainers during the 8-1/2 days meditation class, one of the lady trainer was telling us, out of the 3 exercises, she like MGI the most. This is because this exercise doesn't require you to remember the steps, you just need to follow the instructions when you play the video or audio.]

This is the same approach on how we want to train our traders. We provide all the procedures and helping tools for our traders to follow, what you have to do is, choose one system, rehearse the trading system in your mind and carry out the action.

On Thursday night class, some traders "patiently" waited for that particular setup called "SB".

They waited for the price to drop to PAPLine-S3 for both CL & 6E, enter a position when they see candlestick confirmation, ride the price to the "plan exit level". Mission accomplished!

SB Trade setup using PAPLines

What about this evening? Crude oil (CL) is trading sideway. This is a "wonderland" for swing traders. From 7pm to 10pm, one of our swing trader captured 6 swing "diamond" (winning) trades. Hooray :)

Swing trades using HTF Channels

When you learnt a certain methodology, did you give yourself some "serious" time to practice and have faith in it?

[Do not always think of what you want to achieve when you practice MGI, just continue to practice, when you do it right, give yourself some time, with enough practice, it will come to you]

This is what the trainer told us during our first day of meditation practice. Doesn't this sound familiar to our traders? Tom always highlight to all, focus on the process, the outcome will take care of itself.

Our Currency traders have been following me for a period of time, and through twice weekly live trading guidance, they have developed a certain confidence in trading.

What about you traders?

What have you done so far after your initial plan of becoming a trader? What have you change in your attitude towards trading and are you willing to change when what you are doing are not showing any progress?

** If you are interested in our indicators or our upcoming courses, send your enquiries to:

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