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Patiently waiting for your prey

There are many ways for intraday traders to plan their trades.

To be a Sniper trader, you need to have:

1) Patience

2) Patience

3) Patience

Wait for your prey (trade setup) to walk into your killing zone, fire your bullets (lot size) at your target, then walk away with your FAT prey.

Let's take a look at Nikkei 225 & Taiwan Futures for the first 2 weeks of March using just PAPLines.

When price drop to brown support line, it will trade back to blue line. Or, when the price hit resistance blue line, it will drop back down. The sniper traders just need to wait patiently at those lines for ACTION!

Do you need to trade everyday?

You don't have to when there is no opportunity. Trading is very different from normal working life, you do not need to sit there the whole day, trying to squeeze out something from the charts. When there's nothing, do nothing. Come back another day.

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