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How can the "trend zone" help you to plan your trades even with Data Release.

China's trade data, wasn't positive for sentiment, with February exports falling 25.4 percent in U.S. dollar terms, while imports fell 13.8 percent, with both declines wider than expectations. The drop in exports was the largest on-year drop since 2009, according to Reuters.

Before the data, let's take a look at what the market is trying to tell us the direction.

Previous day, price has already trading below purple zone, indicating sell mode. This morning, market open inside the purple zone, look out for sell signal (candlestick). Price went all the way down to PAPLine-S3 before China data release and it was supported at this level while waiting for China trade data to be released around 10:30 a.m. SIN/HK time.

Same goes to Taiwan Futures, after market open at 8:45am, it starts to trade lower and drop below purple zone, indicating a sell mode.

You can use your candlestick knowledge to sell at this zone and collect your profit at PAPLines.

Prices are now all waiting at the support PAPLines for China Data.

After the data release, Nikkei went all the way up to purple zone again (Beside following the main trend, you can also use swing technic to buy when price is supported by PAPLines)

During extended trading hour, Nikkei formed a shooting star signal at purple sell zone, drop back down below PAPLine-S2 now. (4:07pm)

Happy trading with this trend focus.

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