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Trade with a Helping Tool

With this helping tools, intraday traders can now identify trend easily.

Let's take a look at the Nikkei 225 chart dated Mar 03, 2016.

When price is above purple support belt, the trend is UP.

Since the trend is up (as the saying goes, trend is your best friend), look out for buy opportunities that is supported by the blue moving averages or if it can retrace and supported by either pink or purple belt.

Where to set your profit target?

You can target to get out with profit at PAPLines (thick horizontal blue lines that labeled R1, R2 & R3 in this chart) or when it closed below the pink belt.

Here's another example using Taiwan Futures.

Price is trading above purple & pink belt, the trend is UP. Look for BUY opportunities.

After entry, you can now use PAPLines to exit your profit or hold till it closed below pink belt to get out of your position.

You can get the above tools by subscribing to TYSA & PAPLines from our website.

Here is the link:!ty-sasubscription/c542

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