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Limited Edition SG50 Premium Gold Medallion

What a wonderful December :)

SG50 SiMSCI promotion has come to an end, and the winners are notified.

***** SG50 SiMSCI promotion is an initiative by SGX to promote awareness & trading of our very own National product --> the Singapore MSCI futures contract. Those who traded a certain minimum volume within the promotion period would be awarded lucky numbers qualifying for lucky draw. The top prizes include 10 SGX SG50 Premium Gold Medallion, limited edition designed specifically for this occassion.

Guess what? Our teacher, Tom Yuen (TY/YCK), is the first to claim a coin. This is what he has to say ...

Someone told me about attending courses from trainers who are actually not traders themselves ... In our courses, I don't think our students have doubts JG and I are both traders, and are still actively trading. While also supporting the SG50 event, whereby they're (SGX) giving out lucky draws to SiMSCI traders, I myself contributed enough trading volume to win one of the prizes. I have been doing this for our nation for seven years, educating our fellow Singaporeans about our own product(s), as well as teaching them, and trading myself. I think winning this lucky draw is Nature's way of acknowledging, and thanking me for my effort, and I'm equally grateful to receive this wonderful coin. However, what pleases me more is knowing that I'm not the only one, but my students are also among the other winners, and they're surfacing, one by one ... (Tom Yuen)

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