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So "Easy"

Trading has gotten "easy" now for our traders! Why is that so?

Trading process essentially involves 2 steps:

1) Identification ==> Setup

2) Decision making ==> should that setup be taken?

We have just automated step 1 for one of our set-ups identification! Now, "Seasons signal" at TY-Map will just "appear" on the chart! WOW!!!

Our new traders can now learn faster with the signals appearing in front of their eyes. It is just like playing flash card exercise, so wonderful. Once they master this first level of signal identification, they can progress to learn "market structure" like their senior peers, which is to take only signals with higher probability.

With this new release, traders can now focus their full attention on decision making, which is Step 2, while getting automated help from the computer to do Step 1’s job. Needless to say, you can now make decision faster, and make money easier..

Look how wonderful this is on Nikkei this morning (7:45am to 9am), it generate the first sell signal at 7:59am with stop loss level and target profit level. Follow by a subsequent sell signal at 8:21am.

Same goes for Currency trades, an example above showing 6E (eur) for this morning trade setup.

With this helping hand, traders can now focus more on "patience" & 2nd level rules. (while waiting for the signals to "appear".)

Let's continue to look at Nikkei 225 performance today base on just one simple setup. (Value are base in Japanese Yen, per point jump for Nikkei 225 is Y2,500)

From 9am to 10am, a sell setup at 9:30am that gave us the third winning trade. Next setup 10am failed. That makes 3 winning out of the 4 trades setup. (2 hours into trading)

What's next?

From 11am to about 1:30pm, it has generated another 4 setups with 3 winning trades and 1 failed.

What a nice day for Nikkei traders with the help of this new tool.

Cheers :D

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