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We have just completed our 2 days course in the weekend. Tom had to rush to the airport after the course ended on Sunday evening for Kuching Malaysia (Another SGX/RHB event).

* Kuching audience

Follow by flying to Sibu Malaysia this morning (Sept 8, 2015)

As I am not there with them this round, cannot provide any further updates about what Tom has covered during this trip.

Let's take a look at Nikkei 225 performance for this 2 trading days.

From an hourly chart, Nikkei is in "Sell mode" -- Below Map, Cold season. Let's break it down further from this hourly chart.

Monday ==> Spring, price was far away from TY-Map, spring candles bring it back to TY-Map.

Tuesday ==> Winter, price was resisted by TY-Map.

Monday (Sept 7), on a smaller time frame, market gap up on open, formed a small Head and Shoulder pattern, when the price break the neckline, it plunge down below S2 level.

This is where traders get ready to "buy" with the spring signals. Remember, this is a probability game. As you can see from the chart, the first spring buy signal failed us (on 2 lots, we lost ~USD450). The subsequent spring signal was a wash & rinse double bottom that bring the price up all the way to summer season.

Can our traders see the same opportunities? Check out on Facebook:

What about today (Sept 8)? Hourly chart are still in cold season, what about smaller time frame?

Nikkei team leader in our group updating the setups in the Facebook on opening.

We are following the basic 101 strategies to capture those trades. If you are serious in this business, master your candlestick signals, trade only when signals are at levels, practice this daily, you will be happy to see your trading account at the end of every month.

Happy Trading :)

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