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Happy & Thank You :D

I am so happy to see trader's improvement in their day to day trading.

From a newbie newbie to one that can identify signals at levels. Even trading data release :D

to understand patterns and watch out for signals to capitalize on that "pattern formation".

Getting nearer and nearer in grabing "high probability" setups.

Knowing the market structure and know where is their edge.

Someone said I am very "STRICT" to them when come to trading, BUT, they know that this is good for their pocket!!!

I have a group of team leaders who are there to "light latern" for fellow traders. A BIG Thank You for taking up this duty.

Thank you TY for being the engineering translator so that we can pass down the "Art" of trading in a more Scientific way.

Of course, we have the quiet ones.. don't worry... I know you are listening and working well.

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