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To be successful, you require ... ...

In whichever era, all businesses entail taking risks; requiring full mental, physical, as well as emotional strength ... ...

Overnight success stories happen only in TV drama series ... ...

Spending a lot of time and effort does not necessarily guarantee business success, but not spending time and effort will surely lead to failure.

Meanwhile ...

You need to build this business with PASSION, fueled by VISION & DREAMS ...

What you are engaging in is not just a business, but are engaging in becoming a BETTER SELF.

Can you relate this to your trading business?

Chinese characters are very meaningful. This Chinese character represents "WIN".

In order to win:

#1) You need to identify and understand the risks involved #2) You need to communicate in order to understand more #3) It takes time for things to work out #4) You need to have some minimum risk capital #5) You need to have a stable emotion

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