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Gap opportunity for MSCI-Taiwan

Remember we talk about Gaps opportunities not too long ago? Market indices often gap up or down in the morning, and therefore, creating good trading opportunities.

We have a gap opportunity from Taiwan this morning. Last Friday Taiwan closed @ 362.4, and it gap up to open @ 363.1 this morning.

Still remember the steps?

Let me show you visually (Video) how you can make use of our seasons color & PAPLines (right condition ) to fade the gap for this morning.

To fade the gap, we will watch out for any autumn sell signal to appear. From the video clip, you can see that an autumn sell signal appear, from trigger point 363.5 to close the gap at 362.4, that is 11 tics.

After closing the gap, trade as per normal. watch for signals at *TY-Map or *PAPLines.

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