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If you still love our national product and have faith in the country, and you're also a FIB lover, you will enter your buying price at around $3.40 to $3.50.

Today's BT ==> SIA and the 3 stocks that offer potential exposure to the aviation sector recovery

THE world is reopening, and airlines are finally getting that long-awaited boost in air travel demand as well as the accompanying mending of their bruised financials.

In Singapore, passenger traffic reached 400,000 or 31 per cent of pre-Covid levels in the week ending Apr 17 - up from 18 per cent a month ago - after the city-state reopened its borders to all fully vaccinated travellers from April.

The number of passenger flights also saw an increase to 38 per cent of pre-Covid levels in that week, from 29 per cent a month ago.


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