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Take control

Taking control of your trading begins with understanding where you’re at in your trading journey. If you’re not seeing the results that you want from your trading, you have no one to blame but yourself.

There’re endless number of profitable strategies that exists and if your strategy made it past initial testing, back testing and demo trading phases, then I’m sorry to say but, it’s not the system that’s all of a sudden failing…It’s you. Believe it or not, most traders don’t have a problem finding winning trades.

A system/strategy with a positive expectancy means that the trader has an edge over the market. It’s impossible to predict the outcome of any given trade, but when trading with an edge, we can be quite confident that the long term results will be in our favor. Therefore, the only job is to consistently execute the system/strategy day in and day out. For a trader with this type of mindset, pleasure and pain are no longer based off of the outcome of any given trade, but rather, they’re strictly determined by whether or not the trader has followed the correct process for executing the trade. Win or lose, a “good” trade is defined by the trader following their rules and a “bad” trade is defined by a trader making a mistake.

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