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The Benefit of Trading Community

Team Facebook's posting is for the benefit of every traders. The trader who is working on that piece of ART (chart) should know extremely well, what he/she need to prepare and where to hunt for the perfect trades or to stay out. Fellow traders can also make use of that piece of homework that is produced by his/her team-mates to do the same preparation.

On Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019, fellow trader "MJ" who report work in Sniper workshop has done his homework on SiMSCI, and posted it on Facebook. He stated clear on his posting, watch for 161 for NX (A full size trade zone)

Pattern FIB

On the very next day, price traded down to sniper killing zone.

NX trade

How many SiMSCI hybrid traders are at that area for that BIG FAT PROFIT?

I really would like to know... ...

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