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Start to love a sideway market

This is to show you, the longer the market trading in sideway, the more wealth is dropping into your bank account. (If you have the skill, which snipers, you are learning now.)

I will be using Fibonacci retracement as a trading tool to capture this sideway market.

In order to perform a Fibonacci retracement, market must first come to it's exhaustion level (snipers, you should know where is the exhaustion level), next, wait for the impulsive move, and place your 0% & 100% for it to retrace to the entry levels.

Fibonacci retracement on H1

From the above chart, the 0% & 100% is identified. Park your entries at buy cluster zone since we have identified that market bottom has already formed.

Base on Money Management (as taught in Sniper Club), park you position size at the correct retracement levels. Get out "partial size" when price reached the first target zone.

Example, if you have 10 lots, get out at least 6 to 7 lots at the first target.

Fibonacci on Nikkei 225

Market did not immediately trade to the second target, came back to buy cluster zone again, since you have collected your partial profit, get ready your fund, park your fund at buy cluster zone.

Fibonacci on Nikkei 225

Some traders are feeling "nervous" now [SNYSF]... it miss the second target by just a few tics, drop back down to buy cluster zone again.

Stay calm, park your fund back to buy cluster zone again. (You have 3 trades that has already cashed out)

Fibonacci on Nikkei 225

Market fluctuate between levels without moving to the second target, came back to buy cluster zone again, and again and again ... ...

Fibonacci on Nikkei 225

Fibonacci on Nikkei 225

Two trade opportunities on the same day... whoo hoo ...

Fibonacci on Nikkei 225

The actual target finally arrived at 2am last night after 3 beautiful sideway trading days.

Can you see the benefit of this?

I hope you do.

See you next time.

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