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Trade with Emotion Lines

We are at RHB KL over the weekend.

Here are some pictures that I have captured during the RHB-KL Seminar (using my iPhone).

Trading as a source of income

Do you have that "Passion" in trading?

Emotion Lines

Since we are still fresh on this topic (KL audience), let me just shared the emotion lines which Tom has covered on the first part of his seminar using today's 6A (AUSUSD futures), CL (Crude oil futures) and ES (E-mini S&P) as example.


6A -- from fear to greed in the morning. Can you spot the candlesticks when market turn to greed mode?

CL -- Crude oil

For CL, it has been on greedy mode since market open. We have also covered in the seminar, how you can take profit using PAPLines. [From the initial "hammer" to PAPLines-R2, that is 66 tics profit.]

ES (S&P)

For ES (S&P), fear on the opening, follow by greed.

You can plant this emotion lines onto your chart for the contract that you are currently trading and start practicing.

Happy trading.


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