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最后跳空“空隙”关闭 Gap closed

昨天提到了台指关闭了第一个跳空“空隙” 【315.9 - 317.8】,它下一个目标仅剩下319.8 - 321.2“空隙”。今早跳空高开,关闭了最后的“空隙”。

The gap of 315.9 to 317.8 was closed yesterday. As mentioned, it's next target should be to close 319.8 to 321.2 gap. This morning, Taiwan gap up and traded to 321.2 to close the gap.

台指 MSCI Taiwan Hourly

从操作图表上,今早价格在碰到321.2后,开始出现卖空K线讯号, 随后又出现了"头与肩”,加强了价格下跌的可能性。

Subsequently, on a smaller time-frame chart, it start to show "autumn" sell signal at the "gap" level, prompting traders to "sell". What is more interesting is, it also formed a "Head & Shoulder" pattern to reinforce market top is likely formed.

台指MSCI Taiwan STF


What we should be focusing now on MSCI Taiwan, price is reaching it's support zone (hourly at pink and smaller time frame at purple). If this level can be supported, you should be seeing buy signals.

Cheers :)

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