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Mindful of the Trend

How is the performance of MSCI Taiwan with our latest PP Trend Analyzer (purple & pink)?

Let's do a recap on how we can identify the trend using the PP Trend Analyzer.

Price above purple trend lines == Long Bias

Price below purple trend lines == Short Bias

So, can you tell by one glance, what is the trend for MSCI Taiwan starting from Monday?

PP Trend Lines

Monday == Trend is up. Price is supported by pink trend zone with buy signal.

Tuesday == Trend is up. Price gap down and traded back to purple trend zone with Buy signal.

Wednesday == Trend is up. Buy signal appears at purple and pink zone.

Thursday == Trend is up. Price gap up on open, traded back down to pink trend zone, buy signal appeared in pink trend zone.

Friday == Trend is up. Price supported at pink trend zone with buy signals at 1pm.

Traders can now trade even better with this latest PP Trend Analyzer.

Can the Trend Analyzer be use on smaller Time Frame?

Answer is YES!

Let's take a look at FTSE China A50 using 10 minutes chart.

Price are above purple zone, look out for buy signal at this support zone (ie: pink or purple zone).

China A50 on Trend Analyzer

AUDUSD on 4 hourly chart, price are trading above purple and pink, focus on buy.

AUDUSD on PP Trend Analyzer

Same goes to Crude oil (CL), since Mar 3, when price start to flip on top of purple, it has started it's new trend. As of Friday, price closed at $41.13 from the initial Hammer signal @ $31.30.

Crude Oil (CL) Trend Analyzer

**Start putting "PP Trend Analyzer" into your trading plan, it can enhance your trading decision.

PP Trend Analyzer come together with TYSA subscription package. You just need to download Ninjatrader charting software, get your 1 week TYSA free trial from our website, and you are on your way to try out this amazing trend analyzer.

Interested in getting Ninjatrader for your Index Futures or Currency Futures charting? You can download from the link:

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