TYSA_FX (12 month subscriptions)
  • TYSA_FX (12 month subscriptions)

    Using 4 Seasons四季 in trading:

    Hot Seasons:

    Summer夏季 (Dark Green翠绿) ==> Buy买入 if candles supported by moving averages均线 or PAPLines支撑/阻力线.

    Autumn秋季 (Orange深橘) ==> Buy买入 if candles supported by moving average均线; Sell if it was resisted at PAPLines支撑/阻力线.

    Cold Seasons:

    Winter冬季 (Dark red深红) ==> Sell卖空 if candles resisted by moving averages均线 or PAPLines支撑/阻力线.

    Spring春季 (Lime green浅绿) ==> Sell卖空 if candles resisted by moving averages均线; Buy买入 if candles supported by PAPLines支撑/阻力线;

    Moving Average均线 is provided when you subscribe to TYSA.
    • Details

      TYSA for Currency Futures consists of:

      1) TYJGSeasons ==> 4 seasons colors on Candlestick
      2) TYJGWaves ==> Emotion of market
      3) TYJGPPTA ==> Pink & Purple (trend indicator)
      4) TYJGBBT ==> Bullish/Bearish Thermometer
      5) TYJGTradetime ==> shaded background on active hours

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