Recap on Nikkei 225 for this week (23rd to 27th May 2016)

I will be using the emotion lines to look at Nikkei 225 performance this week and how you can use this information to plan your trade if you like this colorful rainbow moving averages :) Candles Rules when using emotion lines: Sell spring & winter candlesticks signals Buy summer & autumn candlesticks signals Candles rules when using PAPLines (Resistance) ==> Sell autumn Candles rules when using PAPLines (Support) ==> Buy spring On Monday, 23rd May ==> Nikkei from Fear mode to Greed mode. Tuesday open with Fear mode to Greed mode as well. Wednesday, 25th May, Nikkei supported by PAPLine-S2, stay in greedy mode to close. Thursday, 26th May, price start to change from 2 days of greedy mode to f

You think you really want to be a successful trader?

Recently when I was guiding a new trader, going through certain rules and setups, he seems confused. I asked whether did he follow the Facebook posting that either fellow traders in the class or myself posted daily, he replied: "Yes, I did." When I asked again: "Do you understand what they are posting?" His answer: "Yes, I understand." I asked again: "Did you spotted the same trade and take action?" This time, his answer really shocked me. He said: "I understood their action. But, I have never question myself whether did I take that trade? Why didn't I take that trade? I just looked at the posting without thinking and continue to trade the way I am trading." Now I start to wonder, how many t

What is Taiwan trader's emotion on May 20, 2016?

Let start by looking at 4 hourly chart for Taiwan before this day. The initial fear started from 20th April 2016, after which it start to pull back and on 28th April, candles start to give tell-tale sign that market is ready to start the down wave. This down wave lasted till Friday (May 20, 2016), an important date for Taiwan ==> Taiwan swears in Tsai Ing-wen as first female president. Do note that the emotion lines have not flip convincingly, but the price has stay above the emotion lines on Frid

Stay Focus & Snipe the Trade

I have attended a 8-1/2 days meditation class 3 weeks ago. Throughout the 8-1/2 days, we practice MGI (standing meditation) 7 times (30 minutes per session) daily for 6 days. I would say, this practice is really physical straining the participant's mind & body (your endurance and perseverance). It is very "tough" for new practitioners, but each time, we persevere, and we can feel that our body and mind are getting more focus at each MGI practice when days get by. During the last day, we only get 2 MGI practice, we felt like as though something is missing and incomplete 😅. At the last day of the meditation program, trainers encourage us to join the group practice every week so that our 8-1/2

Trade with Emotion Lines

We are at RHB KL over the weekend. Here are some pictures that I have captured during the RHB-KL Seminar (using my iPhone). Since we are still fresh on this topic (KL audience), let me just shared the emotion lines which Tom has covered on the first part of his seminar using today's 6A (AUSUSD futures), CL (Crude oil futures) and ES (E-mini S&P) as example. 6A -- from fear to greed in the morning. Can you spot the candlesticks when market turn to greed mode? For CL, it has been on greedy mode since market open. We have also covered in the seminar, how you can take profit using PAPLines. [From the initial "hammer" to PAPLines-R2, that is 66 tics profit.] For ES (S&P), fear on the opening, fol

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