SB setup ==> A Family Christmas Holiday

Mid of October, we started a New Focus for our active traders. Their aim is to take SB trades from "CL", "6E", "6A", "ES" & "YM". In just 2 weeks, we have 30% of the traders from the class decide to go for it and claim their SB card. one SB = one successful trades Kudos to all our SB traders :) ​ Taking the latest entry submitted on Midnight (Oct 30) by one of our trader, on one lot, it generate USD550.00. Let's assume you are planning a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland this Christmas. A family of four would need an estimate of SGD5,700 for flight and Hotel during this festive season. What you need to do from now is to have 2 SB trades a week (5 trading days) to reach this target and bring your

How to use COMMON SENSE ?

SGX/RHB 2015 Malaysia trip (part 3: Johor) This is the 3rd part of my Malaysia trip to help SGX promote their Indices products, which is also my main trading instrument. You can catch up first by reading: "Trading Edge" (16AUG), and "Learning from history" (11SEP) I had a decent Johor crowd too, attentive right to the end. This is definitely a "happier" crowd (because the market is UP), compared to 2 months ago when I was in Malacca/Subang, facing a group of "sad crowd" (because market then was DOWN). By contrasting the 2 months' emotional feelings, it is so easy for me to illustrate to my audience how to use "Common Sense". I personally believe that most answers to any complex proble

Keep you losses small

Trading = Business Trading = Change Business and Change are the two main themes for our live trading room. Traders have to treat this as a serious business that they are trying to build and to accept consistent change in the market environment as well as the things that change in the live trading group. For this month, we have decided to bring traders back to basic. Just focus on support and resistance lines. Tom has decided to reward traders who can take SB trades. Here's a video clip on how do we trade CL (Crude oil) with PAPLines.!product/prd15/4374992555/paplinescl We have 3 support lines and 3 resistance lines. Since we are waiting patiently at the support and

Seasons Signal at Level (SiMSCI)

The 4th market that I will be covering this week. SiMSCI on opening play using TY-Map, TY-138 and PAPLines. “I have learned through the years that after a good run of profits in the markets, it`s very important to take a few days off as a reward. The natural tendency is to keep pushing until the streak ends. But experience has taught me that a rest in the middle of the streak can often extend it.”- Marty Schwartz I love the above quote by Marty Schwatz. As you can see from my past 3 videos, once we have achieved the good trades, we should close our computer, walk away. Do not neglect your physical well-being. Trading requires concentration, and concentration requires effort. If you don’t put

Seasons Signal at Levels (MSCI Taiwan)

On Monday, I showed you 6A (AUD), on Tuesday I showed you opening play on Nikkei 225, today, I am going to show you MSCI Taiwan, also on opening play. Taiwan today spent less than 45 minutes from market opening, created 2 swing signals. One from TY-Map and the other one at PAPLine (support level). Do you need to spend a lot of time staring at your computer?

Seasons signal at Levels (Nikkei 225)

Nikkei is enjoying it's long weekend. First day of trading (Oct 13, 2015), 2 wonderful setups from the first 2 hours. Hope this indicators help you in mastering your trades better and start to enjoy consistent profits.

Seasons signal at Level (6A)

We have built in our Seasons signal features onto TY-Map. After completing the 2 days course, some traders still have slight problems identifying the season signals at levels. With this newly added features, new traders will learn faster as an arrow will appear on TY-Map when there's a valid signal, the trader's job now is to decide whether is this consider a "high probability" or "lower probability" trade setup.

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