So "Easy"

Trading has gotten "easy" now for our traders! Why is that so? Trading process essentially involves 2 steps: 1) Identification ==> Setup 2) Decision making ==> should that setup be taken? We have just automated step 1 for one of our set-ups identification! Now, "Seasons signal" at TY-Map will just "appear" on the chart! WOW!!! Our new traders can now learn faster with the signals appearing in front of their eyes. It is just like playing flash card exercise, so wonderful. Once they master this first level of signal identification, they can progress to learn "market structure" like their senior peers, which is to take only signals with higher probability. With this new release, traders can now

Traders get together during Mid Autumn Festival [BBQ -- adding more to the current hazy environment]

Our wonderful traders organize a BBQ session yesterday (Mid Autumn festival), but too bad we can't see the moon from the hazy sky. Nevertheless, we enjoy this gathering by enjoying the food and catching up with each other. What are our conversations? Like one of our new member notice, it's all market talks. Get ready for BBQ, start the fire ... Join in the fun ... ... these traders are so organize, each have different duties... We have satay man, otah man, lady in charge of grilling the fish & sotong, not forgetting our wonderful HR manager that serve us the good food :) Thank you. The food are so yummy ...

Learning from history

Learning from history SGX/RHB 2015 Malaysia trip (part 2: Kuching/Sibu) It would be good if you would first read “Trading Edge” (16AUG) before reading this. We all learn from history, which includes learning from other peoples’ experience/mistakes. This is my second trip of a joint program by SGX/RHB to promote opportunities in futures trading, with SGX products, where I was invited to share my trading experience/knowledge to aspiring successful traders in Malaysia. Before going there, friends told me must try “kolo mee” in Kuching, and Fu Chou dishes in Sibu, and that’s what I did – benefitting from others’ advice/experience. The above good Sarawak food was a treat from the RHB managers of

Happy Sniper Traders in Sniper Club

Just love our traders :D Our trading communities become so lively all because of these traders. While taking profit from their trades, they have fun with each other on facebook chat as well... ... Happy trading Sniper traders :)

Back to basic

We have just completed our 2 days course in the weekend. Tom had to rush to the airport after the course ended on Sunday evening for Kuching Malaysia (Another SGX/RHB event). * Kuching audience Follow by flying to Sibu Malaysia this morning (Sept 8, 2015) As I am not there with them this round, cannot provide any further updates about what Tom has covered during this trip. Let's take a look at Nikkei 225 performance for this 2 trading days. From an hourly chart, Nikkei is in "Sell mode" -- Below Map, Cold season. Let's break it down further from this hourly chart. Monday ==> Spring, price was far away from TY-Map, spring candles bring it back to TY-Map. Tuesday ==> Winter, price was resisted

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