Intra-day Trading (Working Hours: 8am to 12pm)

I always feel lucky to be staying in Singapore, we get to trade all markets opening hour. From Asia to Europe to America, Last market to open @9:30pm Singapore time (Dow Jones). In Asia hour, we have Nikkei 225, SiMSCI (STI equivalent), Taiwan & China A50 under SGX (Singapore Exchange). We also have 6A (Currency Futures for AUDUSD). Let's take a look at the opportunities for all these markets before noon (Singapore time) today. Nikkei 225 -- we only have one trade opportunity this morning that generate 13 tics profit. [one tick of NK225 = Yen 2,500 (equivalent to $20 per tick) Next Index to open is Taiwan (Open at 8:45am Singapore time). We have 2 opportunities that generate a total of 18 ti

Business Plan for Trading

Do you treat trading as a new business venture? Think of it as if you are a chief trader of this trading company, as with any other job, you should have a job description (trading plan). You should know exactly what your daily duties are as a chief trader. You should have rules and guidelines for your business so you know how to handle any situation that comes your way during the trading day. All businesses are expected to turn profit, and your trading company is no different. Have you ever ask yourself, what can I do today to be the best trader of my trading company? Do I follow the rules and guidelines (trading plan) laid out by my company? What happens if I don’t do a good job today? Do I

Keep the War SHORT (Sun Tzu – The Art of War)

In relation to war, the role of “time” plays a big part in determining the outcomes. War is so costly and resources get consumed much more quickly than you realize. War should never get prolonged. Time is a critical variable which must be considered. Same for trading. A prolonged Bull fight hurts the fighting bulls to the benefit of waiting tigers. When 2 leaders are in conflict, they become easy prey to a third party waiting in the wings. Even when one bull survive the long struggle, victory is short lived, for he has been weakened. A patient tiger is a hungry tiger, and will surely pounce on the injured bull. The prize of victory will be too tempting for the tiger to resist. The sly tiger

Trading Edge

Trading Edge (SGX/RHB 2015 Malaysia trip (part 1: Malacca/Subang) Defining your trading edge through knowing market sentiments, with additional edge through understanding price action (with candle sticks) … … I've just come home from a trip to Malaysia (Malacca/Subang) to help SGX create awareness of our Derivatives products, as well as sharing some of my trading edge (including winning mindset) to traders there. To show appreciation to the hospitality by the organizers (RHB Investment Bank Berhad management & staffs), as well as the wonderful audience group, for showing me your full enthusiasm throughout the 3-hours presentation session, I'm writing this article to briefly summarize my pres

Happy & Thank You :D

I am so happy to see trader's improvement in their day to day trading. From a newbie newbie to one that can identify signals at levels. Even trading data release :D to understand patterns and watch out for signals to capitalize on that "pattern formation". Getting nearer and nearer in grabing "high probability" setups. Knowing the market structure and know where is their edge. Someone said I am very "STRICT" to them when come to trading, BUT, they know that this is good for their pocket!!! I have a group of team leaders who are there to "light latern" for fellow traders. A BIG Thank You for taking up this duty. Thank you TY for being the engineering translator so that we can pass down the "A

A set-up that puts Money into your Trading Account !!!

Many people look high and low for the Holy Grail. I knew long ago that it doesn't exist. I come from the Trading Floor where I saw many professional traders each has a "collection of set-ups". A pre-defined set-up presents itself when a particular market condition plays out, and when that happens, it is telling you the likelihood of what the market would do next. Having learned and collected multiple set-ups would give you the necessary trading edge, to take money out of the market. Over time, trading these set-ups would also give you a good understanding of market structure, therefore giving you more consistency over your profits. To explain what I've just said, I will share one set-up with

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