To be successful, you require ... ...

In whichever era, all businesses entail taking risks; requiring full mental, physical, as well as emotional strength ... ... Overnight success stories happen only in TV drama series ... ... Spending a lot of time and effort does not necessarily guarantee business success, but not spending time and effort will surely lead to failure. Meanwhile ... You need to build this business with PASSION, fueled by VISION & DREAMS ... What you are engaging in is not just a business, but are engaging in becoming a BETTER SELF. Can you relate this to your trading business? Chinese characters are very meaningful. This Chinese character represents "WIN". In order to win: #1) You need to identify and understan

Special Edition on China Market (Part 2: the moves that explain LIMIT moves)

On Jun 28, I gave a short write-up to explain what contrarian trading means, simply put, when you see evidence of the mass retail jumping into the market, it's time for you to "jump out", or even start to go against the masses, by short-selling. The plunge that follows would need to do a thorough shake-out of this initial batch of novice, to teach them the inevitable lesson of playing the stock market without professional knowledge & experience. From history, we learned that this down move must be "severe enough" to see not only market plunging, but also investors literally plunging from buildings, and history is repeating itself yet again. In my recent posts to my students in our FaceBook,

Do you have discipline problem?

A message to traders who has ill discipline in trading: If you think you have "discipline" problem & are really determine that you want a "CHANGE" to your current trading result, one way to tackle this is moving into higher time-frame and select a simple trading system. Once a setup appear, place an order, place your stop loss and profit target, give a call to your broker, let them take over your trade until this trade is complete. Do not look at your chart anymore until your broker call you. Stick to this "simple" routine for at least 3 months, it will slowly become a habit. Attached with a H1 SiMSCI chart, using what we have taught: TY-Map, TY-138 & PAPLines, there are a total of 3 trades

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