Not every economic data release provide the same amount of trade opportunities!

There are plenty of economic data release everyday, but not every data release will move the market the same way. Some will be slow and less opportunity. Some will have more! Our traders love Economic data. Simply because they have master the skills to trade what they see from the charts and act accordingly. They learnt how to look for small, steady setups by trading news. We are seeing lots of improvement from fellow traders after coming to our evening class. They are trained to spot opportunities in a fast moving markets and this has helped traders who are trading other instruments to achieve better results.


We are celebrating our SG50 this year, that reminded me of something that Tom will always highlight to our dear Singaporeans during seminars, "if you are Singaporean and you do not know what SiMSCI is, it's like you do not know Merlion. SiMSCI is our National product." So, let me take this opportunity to introduce SiMSCI to everyone too. SGX MSCI Singapore Index (SiMSCI) Futures was launched in Sep 1998. Liquidity has grown over the years and it is now widely-used by market participants to gain or hedge their exposure to the Singapore market. While the majority of constituents of the SiMSCI and the FTSE Straits Time Index (STI) are mutual, the notable difference is that the STI incorporates

Simplicity is the key to Success

Some traders believe that ‘more is better’ in order to start profiting consistently. Eventually, when they realize this doesn’t work, they give up in exhaustion and frustration. Trading is NOT about learning as many methods or systems as possible and then combining them and make it a trading strategy. Trading is simply about learning an effective trading strategy and master it. When you start to master this one strategy, you will know when it present itself and you will act without hesitation. In our live trading class, we can see the "difference" on those traders who are willing to stick to one simple strategy (minority though) as a start to master their trading. These group of traders have

Trading the NFP (Non Farm Payroll)

The most important statistic analyzed is the non-farm payroll data, which represents the total number of paid U.S. workers of any business, excluding general government employees, private household employees, employees of nonprofit organizations that provide assistance to individuals, and farm employees. This data is analyzed closely because of its importance in identifying the rate of economic growth and inflation. We didn't get a chance to trade together in the class for NFP, but our traders are all well informed of what they should be looking out for in order to trade on such a volatile NFP night. We are putting all our traders in groups and they are suppose to help and pace each other. G

Trading on Important Data Release

We have our "live trading class" last evening. We also have major data release and Yellen speech waiting for us. A very exciting evening for those who are new to trading data release, and it is also a good experience for some season traders who need some fine tuning to handle the special events. The data release at 8:15pm has caused a spike but was still supported at level, traders saw the spike and waited patiently for signals to take action! Class shouted the signal @ 8:19pm (4 mins after the data), they waited for half an hour for that signal to fulfilled their profit target at 8:50pm (A long and grinding wait for some traders as market keep pulling back, testing our trader's patience). A

Gap opportunity for MSCI-Taiwan

Remember we talk about Gaps opportunities not too long ago? Market indices often gap up or down in the morning, and therefore, creating good trading opportunities. We have a gap opportunity from Taiwan this morning. Last Friday Taiwan closed @ 362.4, and it gap up to open @ 363.1 this morning. Still remember the steps? Let me show you visually (Video) how you can make use of our seasons color & PAPLines (right condition ) to fade the gap for this morning. To fade the gap, we will watch out for any autumn sell signal to appear. From the video clip, you can see that an autumn sell signal appear, from trigger point 363.5 to close the gap at 362.4, that is 11 tics. After closing the gap, trade a

Maintain a Consistent Strategy

Traders love to tweak and abandon strategies that suffer short term performance issues. The way you increase your consistency is to do the same thing again and again over a period of time. Eg: set a daily routine, set a consistent trading hour for every trading days, use the consistent strategies coupled with the right risk management on every trades. Once you have developed a strategy that works, you must have patience and give it time and room to work if you desire to improve your consistency. (Do remember there are such thing in trading as pay back pay out cycle.) One week of 6E, can you see the changes and how if you stick to it without tweaking.

Surround Yourself With The Right People

One of the most important decisions we make in life is who we choose to be around. In fact, there is an old proverb that reads, “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” Quite often we become like the people we’re around. Do an analysis of your circle of friends and see whether they add to your life or take away from it. Surround yourself with people who will help you reach your goals. If you want to be financially successful, surround yourself with those who are financially successful. Same for trading, if you want to be successful in trading, join the dynamic team that keep up with the changes of the markets and surround yourself with passionate and enthusiastic traders rather

Live Trading for busy traders

Tom has started doing Live trading classes (Day: 8:30am to 5:15pm) with SGX for more than 6 years now. We have decided to start our first Night Live Trading Class (7pm to 10pm) for busy traders who are holding a day job but are still passionate about learning how to wait for the right opportunity and execute with confidence. This class will be different from the day class as we will be focusing on fast pace markets within that three hours. Traders will be shouting and executing their trades at the same time. (Sounds a bit like pit days ya, not forgetting Tom was a pit trader and we think that by doing this, majority in the room would learn faster compared to trading alone). Traders will see

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